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Processing Emotions Before, During and After Surgery

Kelly Marie, host of Healthy Illness Podcast, is faced with a sense of loss she can't quite identify. As she attempts to process her emotions, she realizes she must confront the possibility of long-term disability after back surgery. The episode ends with Kelly searching for a path forward, leaving the audience with a question: how will she navigate this difficult journey?

As someone who has experienced the challenges of living with a disability, I know how emotionally taxing it can be. In my latest episode of Healthy Illness, I dive into the importance of processing grief and loss associated with disability and how it can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Through my own experiences, I encourage you to find acceptance and joy in even the smallest things and to work through your emotions to reach a place of self-love and growth. In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the essentials of processing grief and loss connected to disabilities.

  • Tackle fears surrounding paralysis and enduring disabilities.

  • Confront the societal difficulties encountered by Black people in America.

  • Uncover delight in small experiences while managing emotional ups and downs.

  • Learn to cope with loneliness while preparing for upcoming life events.

Lessons Learned Learning from our experiences, whether they stem from loss, grief, or disability, can shape our perspectives and help us grow emotionally. These lessons ultimately contribute to our emotional intelligence and resilience and play a vital role in overcoming hurdles in life.

Processing Sense of Loss It's essential to confront these emotions and not suppress them, as they can build up over time and negatively impact one's mental health and well-being. Processing losses can lead to increased acceptance and the ability to move forward.

Finding Joy Despite struggles with long-term disability and the emotional turmoil that accompanies them, it's essential to find joy and happiness in life. Focusing on positivity and gratitude for the smaller things in life can change one's perspective on their situation, leading to improved mental well-being.


Suicide Prevention Helpline has someone for you to talk to 24/7 call 988

Text GO to 741741 to reach a trained crisis counselor

Call 211 or visit for help finding public services in your area.

Coach Kelly Marie, founder of Front Seat Life LLC

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