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Emotional Addiction: How to Break the Cycle

Happy New Year! Do you resolve to leave old relationships in 2022, but find yourself going back to your ex or attracting the same kind of mates? You may be an emotional addict.

When it comes to emotional addiction, it can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms. That's why we cover this topic in the new episode of Healthy Illness Podcast, helping you build healthy relationships.

In this episode Kelly Marie interviews psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor and author of The Hangover: Overcoming Emotional Addiction - 12 steps to Emotional Sobriety Dr. Carleah East.

According to Dr. East, emotional addiction occurs when your body gets used to the emotional ups and downs associated with certain situations or relationships. Eventually, your emotional chemistry changes and that type of “emotional roller coaster” becomes normal to you. Think about this for a second: Love is a high. And because that emotion can sometimes cause pain, pain can also become a high.

People often find themselves in the tug-of-war of the relationship pull. They become attracted to the highs and lows of a relationship. These attractions interfere with their ability to move forward in their personal lives and impacts their ability to focus professionally.

In this episode, Dr. East discusses how you can:

• Identify and define emotional addiction and its characteristics

• Understand the impact society has on relationship expectations and standards

• Describe the gateway emotions and triggers as they relate to the five senses

• Recognize behaviors associated with emotional withdrawal

• Identify healthy and unhealthy relationship habits & create effective strategies of embracing emotional sobriety

Welcome to Healthy Illness Podcast with Kelly Marie (formerly Living the Front Seat Life) the podcast that helps you build better relationships while living with mental health conditions.

Hosted by Coach Kelly Marie, founder of Front Seat Life LLC

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About the Guest: Dr. Carleah East is a psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor and the author of The Hangover: Overcoming Emotional Addiction - 12 steps to Emotional Sobriety.

To learn more about Dr. East and overcoming emotional addiction visit her online at:

Mental Health Resources

Call 211 or visit for help finding public services in your area

Suicide Prevention Helpline has someone for you to talk to 24/7 call 988

Text GO to 741741 to reach a trained crisis counselor

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