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News8 Features JazzCast Pros Podcast Network [VIDEO]

(WROC) Rochester, NY August 04. 2022

Rochester radio personality Jazzy T is taking a step in another direction; from the limelight to behind the red “ON AIR” light. She is lending her experience to help people create podcasts with “JazzCast Pros.”

“If you love what you do, you never work in a day in your life,” she said.

WROC Reporter Dan Gross with Jazzy T, owner of JazzCast Pros
WROC Reporter Dan Gross with Jazzy T

It started during the pandemic when she was editing other people’s podcasts. It’s not only tech support and expertise, but lending her experience, to help people tell their stories, from start to finish.

“We really take the time in the beginning to narrow done on the development, the target audience, and what you do better than anyone else,” she said. “Think of podcasts like a pod, peas in a pod… You really have to niche down what your focus is.”

One of the shows she helped foster is a podcast called “Getting Real with BOSSY.”

It’s hosted by two local business owners, Kelly Metras (who owns Salena’s and Nox in Village Gate in Rochester) and Kelly Bush (who owns Marshall St. Bar & Grille, Union Tavern, and K&B Consulting).

In the show, they discuss with guests the struggles of owning a business.

“We talk about our similarities owning businesses, and the struggles, regardless of the differences in the actual business,” Metras said.

Get the full story on WROC's website.

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